We're highlighting some of our favorite APIs, via a visual resource guide, to help with creating and enhancing your API. Read about thoughtful features from awesome API companies that will improve user adoption and experience.

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What makes an API an API? To keep it simple, we've narrowed it down into these six categories.


Close your eyes and imagine your favorite API… you probably pictured their documentation! API documentation is the UI/UX that developers interact with when using your API.


When done right, SDKs can be great for normalizing an API for every language, cutting down on ambiguity, and simplifying requests.


People depend on your API, and any changes could have unintended consequences for your users. Keeping your API stable while adding new features and updates is hard to do.

API Keys

Every API needs them, but nobody does them the same way. Keeping users secure but not overcomplicating the process is a fine line to balance.

Error Messages

Don’t let your API be too optimistic! Things are bound to go wrong, and when they do, consistency and clearness are important... after all, a computer has to understand and react.


Metered, tiered, feature-based… pricing APIs is tough. Make sure that upcoming bills are clear and predictable without being limiting.

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